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[Video] Tech Salary Negotiation Deep Dive

A 42 min overview of what I've learned helping negotiate $10 million in tech job offer increases for myself and others.

Last year, I recorded this workshop on tech salary negotiations based on my experience negotiating or helping negotiate over $10 million in job offer increases at big tech, growth stage companies, and startups.

This will help you get 80% of the way there with the theory.

I’ll be posting more content on data, specific situations, case studies, and scripts IF there are lots of comments, lots of shares, and lots of engagement on these posts.

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Show notes:

00:00 Introduction

00:37 Learning from Others

02:08 The Benefits of Negotiation

05:50 Understanding Leverage

07:29 Creating Leverage

07:53 Interviewing and Building Leverage

12:38 Researching Market Data

12:52 Calculating Total Compensation

12:59 Considering Total Career Value

14:19 Understanding Salary Expectations

26:51 The Offer Stage

30:43 Preparing for the Counteroffer

30:48 Prepping for Counteroffers

34:26 Investigating Low Offers

39:00 Avoiding Ultimatums

39:25 Closing the Deal

39:51 Negotiating and Making Counteroffers

40:29 Reflecting on the Negotiation

40:39 Handling Low Ball Offers

41:07 Handling Urgency and Desperation

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How to negotiate your job offer, from salary to equity, at any stage from big tech and FAANG+ to startups and growth stage companies.
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